Opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
10am to 4pm

About Bow Ties

Bow Ties, British artisan food and drink deli, is owned and run by Alison Frost, who has over 40 years experience in catering and hospitality. She has previously worked in pubs, bed and breakfast outlets, bistros, cafes, vintage tea rooms and has also helped to set up farmers markets.

“I have collaborated with local suppliers in order to create tasty, healthy, fresh British dishes, thus supporting local people and the community. I want to make people question and care about where their food comes from and share my love of good, natural ingredients. So many people now have allergy concerns and I have chosen to prepare dishes with no additives and no preservatives, whilst minimising the carbon footprint”, explains Alison.

“The Secret Vintage Tea Garden is now open! I have converted the courtyard into a charming seating area – come inside and we’ll direct you through.  My aims for the future include offering a local delivery service which will help those who are unable to visit. I would like to invite my customers to give me their thoughts and opinions so that I can incorporate these into my long-term goals.”